With a growing catalogue of well-loved books, author T.K. Eldridge decided to reach out to a new and different group of readers.

A pen name/pseudonym allows an author to create a different brand for their writing products.

Using surnames from their family genealogy, Preston Holt Wilder was born.

A career spent working in Intelligence for the US Government has given the author plenty to feed the muse for mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels.

The Hughes Investigations Collection!

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E-book available January 2022.

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First in Series Books


In the prologue to the Hughes Investigations Series, Caela and Ian discover a pattern.
Cases that seem solitary and random, may well not be.
Still relatively new at the PI job, Caela takes risks she might later regret.

This is the free prologue to the Hughes Investigations series that starts with The Devil Inside.

Probable Cause

When a body shows up in the back of her car, forty-something Sammy Jo Spade needs all of her crisis management skills. As a 911 operator for Forge County, North Carolina, Sammy Jo is a professional in handling someone else’s problems – not so much for her own.

Detective Braden Keene suspects Sammy Jo is involved in the murder somehow. Then another body is found. And another. Soon Braden finds himself on Sammy Jo’s side as they try to solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim.

Find out what happens when a quirky 911 operator tries to solve the mystery before she ends up being the cause of a call herself, in this first book of a new series by author Preston Holt Wilder.


This book introduces a set of interesting characters. Even in this novella, we see them grow as people.

It also introduces an excellent and creepy villain who will be back, I’m sure.

The main character is both competent AND overly confident, and suffers the consequences of her actions, which is good.

All in all, an enjoyable read.

– M.Timonin